Destroy your uniforms!

Destroy your uniforms to avoid damage to your brands reputation.

If there’s one thing that associates an employee with the values of an organisation it is their uniform. But what happens when an employee is terminated and still wears the uniform?

In recent years, there has been a series of crimes committed by ex-employees still in uniform. This includes basic t-shirts to work polos and suits. Any individual wearing a brands uniform can be seen associated with that brand.

Remember that time a former toll employee was seen racially abusing a politician in a Melbourne bar? Whilst wearing a Toll uniform? This damaged the brand. In return, a major client of the company  cancelled their account, heavily impacting the revenue stream.

This poses a severe risk to your business, even more so if the uniform falls into the wrong hands. 

We securely destroy uniforms and have shared reasons why old uniforms must be securely destroyed.

Brand Reputation

Whilst this can not only happen to current employees, the impact is usually more detrimental when it occurs with former employees. 

Should an employee hold a uniform after completion of a role, a public incident that is filmed or posted online can tarnish the brand reputation. Even employees with great history cannot be trusted to respect the company integrity. 

Brand reputation can be tarnished by a uniformed person engaging in a bar fight/incident, traffic incident, disorderly conduct or any political rally/protest.

Security Risk

For some businesses, simply wearing the uniform is secure enough to gain access to restricted areas. Especially on construction sites and medical facilities. It is very common for trust to be given to someone in uniform. This can be detrimental if the former employee gains access to your data, operations or equipment due to this security measure.

Identity Theft

Not only can a uniform give someone the ability to steal a former employees identity, it also allows them to be associated with your company. This can mean they can engage with a regular supplier. For exmaple, Bunnings, and place an order on the businesses behalf whilst in your branded uniform. Your business would be left to hold the bill by this simply identity theft technique.

It is crucial to have a plan in place when turning over staff.

All ID Badges, Uniform items/apparel, branded merchandise and recognisable equipment should be secured and then destroyed professionally. 

Avoid representational harm to your business. We offer uniform destruction and strongly advise this for all companies no matter the size who have a uniform.

If you want to learn more about uniform destruction call us today on 1800 001 008 or via our website.