Why an End of Financial Year Office Clean up is Good for Business

The frenzied end of financial year reporting period may be behind your business for another year. Yet it is likely your office is still drowning in the remnants of paperwork left behind. Once the regulators and tax collectors have what they need, it makes practical sense to do a thorough office clean up. This may also improve productivity, employee health and keep your business safe and secure.

Studies have shown that a clean and orderly office can make people 1.5 times more persistent and motivated to complete tasks they know they need to complete1. This is a major contributor to employee productivity.

Poor desk hygiene is also known to impact productivity through increased absenteeism. Research has shown two-thirds of employees put themselves at risk of illness by not cleaning their desks properly2. The habit of busy workers eating lunch at their desk, leaving behind rubbish or not wiping down keyboards can create an unhealthy environment for themselves and other staff.

Paperwork, particularly that relates to financial information or employees, is of course sensitive. As various reports and statements are retrieved for tax preparation, it is important they are all returned to their rightful place or disposed of securely when no longer needed. Having a clear, orderly filing and archive system for paperwork along with a secure waste paper disposal ensures sensitive financial information doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

An end of financial year office clean up makes good business sense and is worth scheduling and planning with your employees at least once a year.

Australian Document Shredding Service has the experience and know-how to ensure that your sensitive paper documents never fall into the wrong hands. We supply lockable security bins to meet the requirements of organisations of all sizes. Simply fill the bins and we’ll pick it up and handle the document disposal. Our Certificate of Destruction is your guarantee that all sensitive data has been completely erased.

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