Nationwide Businesses Need Nationwide Standards for Security


When a company has offices right across Australia, simplifying large scale operations as much as possible is essential. In today’s climate, security breaches are now more prevalent than ever; so a nationwide business needs to get confidential document destruction right, across all of its branches. Employing one company to take care of all secure document destruction in all your business locations can save time and allow for training of all staff nationally, making implementation a lot easier.

One way you can streamline your company’s practice of securely disposing of confidential documents is to organise lockable security bins to be delivered and collected by a nationwide professional document shredding company. When you do organise such security bins, ensuring they are utilised correctly can be achieved in a few easy steps.

  1. Training – Educate your staff on which items are to be placed in the secure bins as opposed to regular bins. Explain to them why this must be maintained and even provide them with some recent statistics on security breaches within other businesses. Ensure that you revisit this training regularly to keep it at the forefront of daily staff routines and avoid people becoming blasé about security.
  2. Questions – As part of the training provide staff with a list of questions to ask themselves in regards to document destruction. Things like – Could this data be sold and used against individuals or the business as a whole? What would our business competition do if they had this information? Could the company operate if this information was lost? Ultimately, if the information is no longer needed and could be used in any way detrimental to the running of the business, it’s best to shred.
  3. Signage – Placing the bins around the workplace is one thing, but correctly identifying them with signs can also be beneficial. Be particular in labelling what the bins are used for, maybe with some examples or a list of the types of documents to be inserted for destruction.

AUS SHRED can supply lockable security bins for your nationwide business, provide a pick-up service and certificate of confidential destruction. Head to our website to order your service today.