Regional Clean Ups for the Whole Town

One of the few downsides of living in a regional area or town is that some services readily available in cities, are often much harder to access.

Individuals and businesses in regional areas have the same need for secure document disposal as their city counterparts. Consumer fraud, identify theft, and the lack of anonymity that comes along with being part of a smaller community, mean that safe disposal of documents is important for individuals as well as businesses.

So what if you’re a small business that can’t justify the commitment to a regular shredding service?

A good community-minded solution is to organise to have some bins delivered for shared use by various organisations in the community. As part of the confidential document destruction service, Australian Document Shredding Service will deliver and then pick up your security bins after four weeks.

To get the ball rolling, consider approaching your local council or chamber of commerce, or even a local shopping centre. They could help put the word out to other businesses, provide a secure and accessible location for the bins, and may even like to avail themselves of the shredding service. You could even organise a Shred-Your-Secrets sausage sizzle as a fun way to promote the service!

Businesses and individual community members could be offered the opportunity to have confidential documents shredded for a small fee. It’s a good way to create awareness of issues such as identify theft, and to increase the safety of your town.

If you have the necessary contacts and space for the bins yourself, then why not take the lead and give Ausshred a call to discuss how we can help you.

Our website lists the areas that we deliver to within regional NSW. Services to regional areas within other states will be offered in the near future.